XiVO OpenHardware presentation at SolutionsLinux 2010 and upcoming AstriEurope 2010

Posted on 7 April 2010 in Hardware by xcarcelle

Following the presentation we did at SolutionsLinux 2010 in Paris (the presentation we made is now available at (1) and had been made in french as the crowd was mainly french-speakers).

We will be presenting the XiVO IPBX OpenHardware project at the AstriEurope Conference in Paris (2) next week on the first day and the detailled program of the conferences is available here (3). The conference will aim at giving the latest details on the hardware choices and features.

The AstriEurope will be the occasion to have different presentations on the various asterisk-oriented projects (software and hardware oriented) currently available out-there with the presence of several people from Digium supporting the event.

(1) : http://carcelle.fu8.com/Presentation_Projet_Appliance_XiVO_SolutionsLinux_2010.pdf
(2) : http://www.astrieurop.com/
(3) : http://carcelle.fu8.com/AstriEuropConferencesProgram.pdf