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Posted on 1 February 2012 in Software by jylebleu

in this respect, it is also an important matter.

Retrospective, over retrospective, documentation organization and tools comes often to the surface. Maybe some of you already noticed that XiVO development cycle has changed and that we are now producing a release every two weeks. In fact we started to use SCRUM six months ago, and in this respect, we do not forget to do our 'inspect and adapt' meeting, not so many often as we should but this is an other story !

Anyway, XiVO documentation is currently done using a wiki, but this wiki is hard to maintain and to structure, information is also difficult to find. We tried also to use other type of wikis, but nothing was very satisfying.

We looked over some other projects, to check how the documentation was done, and it comes to us that some of them are using sphinx

“a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation, written by Georg Brandl and licensed under the BSD license”

One of the item of our Definition of Done is documentation, it has to be done by the development team. It is so natural to us to edit restructured text, using GIT to push modification to a repository that all the team was enthusiast to use these tools for improving XiVO documentation. It was also an opportunity for us to try to use an external Git repository, we chose Gitorious to start with XiVO documentation project. This is also a way to open it to a larger community.

Do not hesitate to clone the project and submit documentation patches !!!

Last but not least, documentation production is now integrated in our tool chain, using jenkins as integration server, files are pulled from Gitorious automatically to produce the XiVO documentation site

You will find how to contribute here Have fun !!

XiVO documentation tool