XiVO + Bluemind Integration

Posted on 30 September 2015 in XiVO IPBX by gsanderson

the computer interfaces that we use to communicate daily. After all, a big part of our daily lives revolves around email, contacts and agendas. That is why we are excited to introduce you to Bluemind. BlueMind is a free-software messaging application that can take care of your emails, webmail, agendas, contacts, instant messaging, etc.

We are very happy to announce that BlueMind and XiVO can be interconnected, so that your phone gets easier to use. What happens when BlueMind is talking to XiVO? You get more features! You may:

  • receive your voicemail messages in your mailbox
  • display your availability and your current phone status
  • see the availability and phone status of your co-workers
  • enable call forwarding by changing your availability status
  • have your availability change automatically, according to your agenda
  • make calls from the BlueMind web interface
  • have a unified contacts list

You can read more about these features in the BlueMind documentation

If you want to configure your instance of BlueMind, click this link