XiVO 1.2

Posted on 14 February 2012 in by quintana

real open and free alternative for your business phone system and it will allow you to go even further. It is with great pleasure that I announce the arrival of this new major release of XiVO which is also our last considering that our development model is replaced by the agile methodology (SCRUM).

Why do we change ?

Just because we want to be closer to your requests, be able to stand out, constantly innovate and for this we need a new vision of development. It's been several months since we changed our habits, our ways of building software, our vision of what a software is and we will continue in that direction. We still have a long way to go but it only makes XiVO better for everyone.


In this new release we have upgraded the operating system from Lenny to Squeeze, updated Asterisk by installing and using the last “Long Term Supported” 1.8 version. These major changes are not only naturally bringing us a bunch of new native functionalities but also better performance and stability.

Regarding XiVO, we reviewed our provisioning server which was designed at the beginning of XiVO and was not suited any more to the big architectures we are targeting.

We have refreshed the web interface in terms of functionality and ergonomics to meet the new functionalities provided by Asterisk. We also changed the way configuration is done by using a new server dedicated to configuration management.

The news also made us realize that we were not sure where we go with mysql and we chose to use Postgres as a basis to save our configurations.TDM card drivers are also updated when this new release is installed.

CTI server and XiVO client were also mainly rewritten and refactored.

With this new release we also started to work on refactoring some features which are not delivered now any more. At first, high availability and contact center are our current priorities and will be offered in the next coming releases.Our development method is based on short iterations of 2 weeks, which will produce a finished and working product. So every 2 weeks a new release is produced and you will be able to upgrade and enjoy bug fixes and new features. Do not hesitate to follow http://projects.xivo.io and http://documentation.xivo.io/ to get a better view.

We will go through our process in more details in a later post to describe what we have set up in term of tests, documentation, bug tracking etc ....

Below what's new in this release at a glance :

  • Asterisk 1.8 (New options, SSL authentication, etc ...)
  • Web interface
    • New way of defining schedules
      • Time zones
      • More than one time slice per schedule
      • More than one action when on closed
      • Same schedule can be applied to more than one target (incoming calls / internal)
    • Call pickups groups are more flexible, can include not only group of users but also queues and users.
    • SSL certificates management
      • Can be created, updated and deleted using the interface. Can also be associated to different objects ( SIP accounts, CTI server ....)
    • Ergonomics improvements
      • On session expiration, last page is displayed on reconnect.
      • Sort per columns
      • Automatic id and password generation for user accounts
      • Edited object reference appears on all tabs
      • Dynamic search on all objects lists (i.e. group members selected)
      • Error report on CSV import
      • Displays free extensions (add/edit users, groups ...)
      • Remembers last search and sort order, per object.
      • links create open in a new tab
      • Stay on current tab on page reload
  • Sip Accounts (lines) are now separated from users
  • Provisioning is completely redesigned to incorporate new server.
    • New provisioning server integration
  • Queue penalty
  • MWI remote subscribing
  • Outbound calls redesigned
  • Paging
  • Queue logger daemon removed.