XiVO 1.2 and Asterisk Dialplan

Posted on 6 December 2011 in Software by jylebleu

To route a call from origin to destination, Asterisk relies on a so called dialplan. In XiVO, it is generated using 3 different components

  • XiVO confgen, takes info from the configuration database and generate a directory linked to the base config dialplan
  • Base Config dialplan, the dialplan itself
  • Agid, dynamically update the dialplan as setting variables (XIVO_), or compute recording file names.

You'll find this 3 components here :

  • git://git.xivo.io/official/xivo-confgen.git for confgen
  • git://git.xivo.io/official/xivo-skaro.git directory base-config for the static part
  • git://git.xivo.io/official/xivo-skaro.git directory agid for the dynamic part

You may also have a look at our CI server jenkins