Visiting CologneChip AG

Posted on 3 November 2010 in Hardware by xcarcelle

week in Koln, Germany and exchange on the ISDN markets and chips (and the different market penetration of ISDN, FTTH, DOCSIS, xDSL in Europe countries). ISDN is still strong in Germany w/ 29 Millions subscribers (22M analog subscribers and 6M subscribers w/ DOSCIS and xDSL - sources: Bundesnetzagentur) and still allow over the 144Kbits/s of net data rate, 2 bearer channels (B-channels) w/ 64Kbits/s each which is equivalent to 3.4Khz voice channel at 8 ksamples/second. The XiVO IPBX OpenHardware will propose 4 BRI (also called S0 for point-to-multipoint BRI type) interfaces to allow these data and voice applications.

  • Please find below the Koln cathedral that you can find on the XHFC-4SU chip:

Koln Cathedral

  • The entrance of the CologneChip AG offices below:
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