Using Reverse Look-ups to Replace Caller IDs

Posted on 11 June 2012 in Software by pcadotte

directory look-ups from the XiVO client and from supported phones. Another useful feature of directories, is the ability to set a reverse directory and replace incoming caller IDs with information from the directory.

This article will show you how to setup reverse look-up on your XiVO. It is assumed that you already have a working directory setup on your XiVO.

The first step is to set the reverse match fields in your directory configuration. These fields are the one that will be used to search against the incoming number. Interesting fields for reverse look-up are:

  • phonebooknumber.home.number


The second step is to setup the field that will be shown in response to a reverse look-up. This field is configured in the Mapped fields list. All you have to do is add a field with the name reverse and the value will be used as the caller ID name of incoming calls.

The last step is to add the configured directory to the list of reverse directories available for look up. Under reverse directories, in the related directories section add each directory you want to be able to access using reverse look-ups. It is usually not interesting to include internal directory in reverse look-ups since internal users already have a caller ID.


Note that reverse look-up will work as described in version 1.2.10 and later, another good reason to do a xivo-upgrade.