Upgrading XiVO with \"xivo-upgrade\"

Posted on 29 March 2012 in Software by cedric

This new script must be usedto make sure that upgrades are completed properly. The objective is to minimize differences between machinesand to control the environment in case of problems.

We had many problems to work around:

  • questions to answer about replacing packaged files that have been modified
  • reload services when libraries are modified
  • modify the database schema when needed
  • showing the current and new version when upgrading

We decided to put this system in place to keep upgrades simples and transparent to the end user admin.The goal being to stay as SIMPLE as possible!

Too many people are stressed by their IPBX upgrades!Stress

But not with XiVO!Congratulation

No one should be afraid of the side effects of an upgrade!

Technical informations

This package allows the administrator to upgrade his XiVO securely and in a way validated by the dev team.The script executes many steps:

  1. xivo-upgrade upgrade, to get the latest modifications to the upgrade process
  2. Upgrade confirmation if upgrades are available:

    • If the answer is NO, the upgrade is aborted
    • If the answer is YES, the script continues to the next step
  3. Pre-upgrade scripts are run.

  4. XiVO is upgraded
  5. Post-upgrade scripts are executed.
  6. All XiVO services are restarted in the right order.

Package architecture:


  • xivo-upgrade (Update xivo-upgrade package and execute real-xivo-upgrade)
  • real-xivo-upgrade (Execute upgrade of XiVO and restart services)

Libraries path: /usr/share/xivo-upgrade/


  • pre-upgrade.d (All files in this directory will be executed before upgrading XiVO)
  • post-upgrade.d (All files in this directory will be executed after XiVO upgrade)

Current post-install scripts:

  • Update template for device configuration.
  • Update all device configurations to integrate the backup_proxy_ip from the HA configuration.
  • Set default web-interface language to english.