Understanding the XIOH label on our product

Posted on 14 March 2013 in Hardware by xcarcelle

As we have passed the CE marking certification, we have finalized the label that we will have on our product with the revelant informations necessary to identify the product once on the market :


  • "XIOH - version 5" : the name of the product and the hardware version
  • "S/N : XIOH-5-1236-29" ; the serial number including the hardware version (5), the production batch (1236) and the number in this batch (29)
  • "AC input: 100-240V~, 4-2A, 60-50Hz" : indication on the power requirements used by our ATX 180W power supply
  • "Manufacturer :Avencall" : the name of the manufacturer (that could be different is different production project)
  • "Sources : http://0001-0001.okey.ohanda.org" : the OHANDA trademark is our legal umbrella for this OpenHardware project/product and a direct link to the GIT repository of our hardware and software files is indicated on the label. This will help the customers and users getting information on the hardware, contacting us and sharing information
  • "Made in France" : we are currently producing in France (i.e. locally as we are based here) but we would rather talk about local production to track down the carbone footprint of our product from components sourcing to cabling and packaging
  • Differents logos including the "CE" (1) and RoHS process of production as well as the OHANDA logo.

(1) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CE_marking