The first OpenHardwareSummit and more OpenHardware movements

Posted on 20 July 2010 in Hardware by xcarcelle

movement** with different groups or consortiums aiming at creating a common energy in this. The OHANDA Trademark is definitely a great baseline for the upcoming OpenHardware project to have a legal umbrella and present their project files in a central repository where the users/customers of the OHANDA trademark-ed products will be able to find the documents/files need to understand/modify/improve within the respect of this trademark.

This week, 2 more news came out in the OpenHardware movement with:

  • A common definition of the OpenHardware 0.3. ^[<span id="rev-pnote-26-1">1</span>]^. The definition is derived from the Open Source Definition, which was created by Bruce Perens and the Debian developers as the Debian Free Software Guidelines
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  • The announcement of the OpenHardwareSummit ^[<span id="rev-pnote-26-2">2</span>]^ to be held the September23rd in NYC, US. This event will be supported by Chris Anderson (Wired), Mako Hill (OLPC, Wikipedia), Becky Stern (Make), Jon Philips (Qi), Shigeru Kobayashi (Gainer), Thinh Nguyen and John Wilbanks (CC) and the sponsor of the event (littleBits, Eyebeam). Also the people from Creative Commons will be there and that is a great news as different people in the OpenHardware community had decided to use the CC licence to release the schematics and gerber files of their PCBs.

During this event, we will do a presentation of the OHANDA Trademark and the projects currently under this trademark as we will talk during the event.

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[<span id="pnote-26-1">1</span>]

[<span id="pnote-26-2">2</span>]