Sprint Review 16.12

Posted on 19 September 2016 in XiVO IPBX by pcadotte * Tagged with XiVO development

Hello XiVO community! Here comes the release of XiVO 16.12!

New features in this sprint

Provisioning: Support for Snom D745 has been added.

Directories: The phonebooks from xivo-dird now support imports. This feature is currently available only from the xivo-dird REST API.

Technical features

Asterisk: Asterisk has been upgraded to 13.11.2

Important bug fixes

XiVO client: Transferee could hear the transferer and the target during a transfer if no music on hold was configured. See issue 6392 for more information.

Community contributions

Tutorials: Thanks to Eric Viel from Iper Telecom for his tutorial on configuring Keepalived with the XiVO high availability to have a floating IP.

Ongoing features

Directories: The old directory in the web interface will be replaced with the phonebooks from xivo-dird, allowing many phonebooks owned by different entities.

REST API: API to manage incoming calls are in progress.

See you at the next sprint review!