Sprint Review 16.10

Posted on 8 August 2016 in XiVO IPBX by sduthil * Tagged with XiVO development

Hello XiVO community! Here comes the release of XiVO 16.10!

New features in this sprint

XiVO Client: There are currently three ways of starting a transfer in XiVO: from the key on your phone, by dialing *1 or *2 during the call, or from the XiVO Client. In the latter case, there was no way to complete or cancel the transfer from the XiVO Client since the xlet Contacts was replaced with the xlet People. You could complete the transfer by hanging up your phone, but cancelling a transfer was simply not possible at all, since dialing *0 during the call has no effect for transfers started from the XiVO Client. This problem is now fixed by the addition to the xlet Identity of two new buttons: complete and cancel a transfer.

The new buttons of the xlet Identity

REST API: Some restrictions of the current API of users and phones has been lifted: it is now possible to have one user with multiple phones on the same (or multiple) numbers. The main goal is to allow users to associate their different phones (physical phone, softphone or mobile) with the same phone number so that they all ring at the same time. Until now you had to create a group of users, and each user had only one phone. This new feature makes simple multi-phones configuration easier, but you can't (yet) choose a ring strategy like groups: all the phones will ring in the same time or not at all. The different phones may also have their own number, so a user may now have one number per phone. Again, this was already possible but somewhat cumbersome. Most features of XiVO support this new kind of configuration, but some will only use one phone.

Technical features

Asterisk: Asterisk has been upgraded to 13.10.0

Community contributions

XiVO Client: Thanks to Marilyn "Kaalyn" Pauvert for making the xlet Identity more friendly (fr) to long user names.

Ongoing features

Multiple phones: We are working on fully supporting multiple phones for the same user. As we said above, the REST API is working, and we still need to integrate it in the web interface, but it's almost there! This is a feature we've been waiting for a long time, and it's the result of a long set of modifications we started a few years ago, so we're really glad we can finally make this step forward.

See you at the next sprint review!