Sprint Review 15.18

Posted on 13 November 2015 in XiVO IPBX by sduthil * Tagged with XiVO development

Hi everyone, this release was delayed by a week because we moved our development office in another spot in Quebec City. It's smaller, but more adapted to our team size (there are 6 of us now, and the previous office was designed for more than 10 people). And we managed to keep all our phones. Also, we've been told it was hard to know when the next release was due, so we've added the planned release dates in the Roadmap. Here are the news for the version 15.18 of XiVO.

New features in this sprint

REST API: A new API for managing SCCP accounts has been added. The API can be used for creating SCCP accounts and associating them with users on a XiVO server. This API also offers third parties, such as developers or administrators, the flexibility of configuring all of the advanced SCCP parameters offered by asterisk. This new API helps us expand on our goal of offering a more customizable and flexible system ideal for use in a wide range of environments, such as cloud infrastructures.

Fax: The fax feature in the XiVO Client may now be used with encryption and NAT. We are fixing these issues so that we can make the XiVO Client encryption usable by default, to allow the new authentication system to be used (which will allow LDAP authentication).

Ongoing features

HTTPS: We continue to extend the use of encryption for communication between XiVO components. From this version, consul and xivo-agent may only communicate over HTTPS. The goal is to allow XiVO components to be installed on different machines without sending important information in clear text, so that the load may be easily balanced in order to increase the maximum number of calls that XiVO can sustain.

Lines: We are revamping the web interface in a similar fashion to what was done for voicemails. The goal is to make configuration of advanced parameters easier while still keeping the interface simple.

CTI: We are also working on making XiVO Client statuses to be visible across multiple XiVO servers. This means that we can see whether a user is on the phone or available, even if he is registered on another XiVO server.

Caller ID: Finally, we are changing the system of incoming caller ID lookup, so that it includes your personal contacts. This means that, when one of your personal contacts calls you, instead of seeing only her number, you will see her name (that you entered) along with her number.

Technical features

Polycom phones: the new firmwares VVX 5.3.1 and SoundStation 4.0.9 are available.

Snom phones: the new firmware is available.

See you at the next sprint review.