Sprint Review 15.17

Posted on 16 October 2015 in XiVO IPBX by gsanderson * Tagged with XiVO development

Greetings fellow XiVOists ! I am pleased to announce that version 15.17 of XiVO has been released.

New features in this sprint

REST API: A new API for managing SIP accounts has been added. The API can be used for creating SIP accounts and associating them with users on a XiVO server. This API also offers third parties, such as developers or administrators, the flexibility of configuring all of the advanced SIP parameters offered by asterisk. This new API helps us expand on our goal of offering a more customizable and flexible system ideal for use in a wide range of environments, such as cloud infrastructures.

Directories: The contacts system used by the phones has been improved. Contact sources have been unified. This means that phones will now search through the same places as searches in the XiVO Client. Phones will also be able to search through personal contacts. Up until now, personal contacts could only be used from the XiVO Client. But with this release, any contact added through the client can be used on the phone.

Ongoing features

SCCP: In a similar fashion to the SIP API, we will be adding a new API for managing SCCP accounts. This will make configuration of advanced SCCP parameters more flexible for administrators and other tech specialists.

Lines: We are revamping the web interface in a similar fashion to what was done for voicemails. The goal is to make configuration of advanced parameters easier while still keeping the interface simple.

LDAP: We are working on a new authentication mecanism for allowing users access to XiVO based on LDAP credentials. This will allow administrators to integrate XiVO with their existing infrastructure and give them finer grained access to xivo's services.

Technical features

Asterisk: Minor Asterisk upgrade from 13.5.0 to 13.6.0. This upgrade fixes the latest bugs and improves overall stability.

My fellow xivoists, as the Lord of XiVO allow me to bid you a happy and invigorating farewell. I wish you shall remain in high spirits until our next fateful encounter, 3 weeks from now. May the freedom of XiVO bless your communications across the vast VoIP expanse.

Source: XiVO 15.17 Roadmap