Sprint Review 15.16

Posted on 28 September 2015 in XiVO IPBX by sduthil * Tagged with XiVO development


New features in this sprint:

High Availablity: Phones can be rebooted and will still be functional when using a fallback server. The next step will be to replicate the phone's configuration on to the fallback server, so that an administrator may still be able to modify the phone's options.

XiVO Client: Blind transfers and attended transfers have been added to the people xlet. The transfer destination may be either a contact's main phone, or his mobile phone. This feature is one more step towards replacing the contacts xlet and finishing the unificiation of contacts in the xivo client

Voicemails: We have removed some limitations about the management of voicemails that were introduced in the last version. The voicemail system is now fully integrated with the REST API.

Ongoing features:

Directories: we continue working on a new service that will integrate the new directory infrastructure with phones. The goal is to make contacts exposed via XiVO's directory attainable via a user's phone. This means that a user's personal contacts will also be avaible.

Security: we have started working on an permission system for our REST APIs. This will allow a finer grained access to the REST APIs and reduce the chances of accidentally breaking the rest of the system. For example, users will be able to modify their function keys, without having access to the function keys of other users.

SIP Lines: We are revamping the extra parameters for sip accounts in the same way as what has been done for voicemails. This will make it easier for users to configure advanced features in asterisk.

See you for the next sprint review.

Source: XiVO 15.16 Roadmap