Sprint review 15.15

Posted on 9 September 2015 in XiVO IPBX by gsanderson

thissprint we have fixed many bugs and continued working on featuressurrounding directories and contacts.

New features in this sprint

Voicemail: The voicemail configuration page has been revamped. Youcan now configure as many extra parameters as you want in the"advanced" tab. These parameters will be included along side therest of the voicemail configuration in asterisk. This new free-formversion of the voicemail page offers more flexibility to advanced usersof asterisk, while still keeping it simple enough for regular users.

People Xlet: The new People Xlet is now fully integrated into xivo.We have talked about this xlet in previous sprints, however it could notbe used without some manual configuration on the server. With thisrelease, the xlet will work out-of-the-box once it has been added to aprofile. The People Xlet replaces the old remote directory, which hasbeen removed.

Ongoing features

Directories: we have started working on a new service that willintegrate the new directory infrastructure with phones. The goal is tomake contacts exposed via xivo's directory usable from a user's phone.This means that bookmarked contacts and a user's personal contacts willalso be available.

SIP Lines: We will be revamping extra parameters for sipconfiguration in the same way as what has been done for voicemails. Thiswill make it easier for users to configure advanced features inasterisk.

Technical features

  • Provd: new plugin for the 6800 series of Mitel phones (formerly Aastra)
  • Directories: The configuration system for directories has changed. More details available in the upgrade notes.
  • XiVO Client: The XiVO Client has been upgraded to Qt 5.5
  • Certain restrictions regarding voicemails for a user have been loosened. More details available in the upgrade notes.

My fellow xivoists, as the Lord of XiVO allow me to bid you a happyand invigorating farewell. I wish you shall remain in high spirits untilour next fateful encounter, 3 weeks from now. May the freedom of XiVObless your communications across the vast VoIP expanse.

Source: XiVO 15.15 Roadmap