Sprint Review 15.12

Posted on 3 July 2015 in XiVO IPBX by sduthil
  • XiVO Client: The people xlet allows you to bookmark your contacts and list them. This also opens the way for personal contacts to be available from anywhere.
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  • High Availability: The High Availability system now synchronizes important files between servers. For example, IVR, custom sound files and favorite contacts are preserved. During a failure, telephony will be less affected while the main server is being repaired.
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  • Function keys: Function keys are manageable via a REST API. This allows administrators to manage function keys more easily by applying templates of function keys to a set of users. In the future, this will also allow users to manage their own function keys.
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  • REST API: We currently have REST APIs for 5 components of XiVO, and now 2 of them (xivo-auth and xivo-dird) are protected with encryption and authentication. They can be used directly without requiring configuration. The other 3 are not exposed to the outside world.
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  • XiVO Client: We also made small improvements to the XiVO Client:
    • The systray icon changed from the four letters (XiVO) to a single X
    • The list in the People xlet can be sorted by agent status
    • New language available: Spanish (Chile)

Work done in this sprint, but not yet ready

  • Asterisk upgrade: Upgrade from Asterisk 11 to Asterisk 13. In the long run, this will allow us to benefit from new features and other improvements, e.g. better performance, more control over queues and switchboards, correct undesirable behavior, create more meaningful call logs, make Asterisk more scalable (multiple Asterisk servers sharing the load of phone calls). The ARI is a very interesting feature of Asterisk 13 which gives us a lot more flexibility and allows us to add new features easily.
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  • CTI authentication: We mentioned in the previous sprint review users being able to log in their XiVO Clients using LDAP authentication. We are not there yet, but the bookmarked contacts feature validated our authentication mechanism and it is a step in the right direction.
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  • 64-bit: XiVO is currently only supported on 32-bit architectures (AKA i386 or x86), but we are working on supporting 64-bit architectures (AKA amd64 or x86_64). An ISO for 64-bit in beta version is available for testing.

See you for the next sprint review.

Source: 15.12 Roadmap