Sprint Review 15.07

Posted on 10 April 2015 in by jpgelinas

XiVO 15.07 brings new visual and functional features and fixes a few bugs among which:

  • The xlet services and fax has been redesigned
  • The xlet people shows the mobile phone number
  • Agent status in xlet people is always displayed
  • (bug) background input in fax xlet on mac has been adjusted
  • (bug) removed an error displayed in XiVO Client (QPixmap::scaleHeight: Pixmap is a null pixmap)
  • (bug) new fonts were not displayed if not installed locally on client's system
  • Old XiVO styles were removed
  • Xlet conference code was refactored (in preparation of upcoming redesign)

This version also fixes 9 other bugs :

  • 4 bugs related to associating and de-associating lines (or multiple lines) to a device
  • 2 bugs related to provisioning, setting admin/user password on Polycom phones and resetting a device to autoprov when already in autoprov
  • 2 bugs related to xivo-upgrade, queue periodic-announce is not lost anymore when upgrading and an upgrade error when upgrading from 13.25
  • it is now possible to dial a conference room begining with 0 from the xivo client

We also included a new Asterisk version 11.17.0 and added a new tutorial to the contributions section.

Enjoy! ;)