Sprint Review 15.01

Posted on 16 January 2015 in XiVO IPBX by jpgelinas

New features include:

  • Added POPC support for Yealink T46

We also fixed quite a few bugs

  • added support for ldap username and password containing spaces
  • fixed a missing dll error when launching XiVO Client on windows
  • added support for ldap phone numbers starting with "+" presented in the directory
  • fixed bug that created line function keys when deleting an existing function key on yealink devices
  • fixed a spelling error in statistics interface of web interface
  • fixed a bug preventing the display of the second queue skills rules page
  • Provisioning now works on Yealink T32/T38
  • fixed bug : Holdtime announcement before entering the queue doesn't work with some numbers
  • fixed bug : Calls answered by the switchboard are displayed as missed calls on the operator's phone
  • Snom 7XX function keys now works with XiVO's High Avaiability

Work of interest:

  • Ongoing work on xivo-dird's integration and visual reorganisation of XiVO Client