Some more internationalization in XiVO (part 1)

Posted on 9 December 2011 in Software by sduthil * Tagged with xivo 1.2 xivo software skaro i18n

We recently had a few bugs in XiVO about non-ASCII characters, mainly accented character, as we love them in French. We fixed the bugs, but there will certainly be more. We then decided to push the test a little further and try to flood a few data pipes with non-european Unicode characters, to see if potentially anything could flow in those pipes.

Here's the result :Japanese XiVO

We translated a few text fields in Japanese, even though it's probably not perfect Japanese, it's a little better than plain stupid automatic translation, thanks to one of our team members who knows a bit about Japanese. Japanese Caller ID are also displayed fine in softphones, we did not try real phones (yet).

This exercise had multiple benefits :

  • it allowed us to test the XiVO Client internationalization procedure
  • we know Unicode is accepted in the main modules of XiVO
  • we have the beginning of a Japanese translation for the XiVO Client
  • it was not very long, 3 hours tops
  • it was fun !