Presenting the XiVO IPBX OpenHardware at FOSDEM2011 - OpenSourceTelephony devroom

Posted on 14 January 2011 in General by xcarcelle

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This is a great pleasure to announce that we will presenting the XiVO IPBX OpenHardware project at FOSDEM 2011 during the OpenSourceTelephony devroom on Sunday February 6th 2011 in Brussels.FOSDEM is definitely the largest OpenSource developers conference in Europe nowadays and a perfect place to present the different OpenHardware projects pushing more and more open-ness in the telecommunications and hardware field.We will be presenting the talk among other topics related to the telephony system during the devroom.


The OpenSource telephony devroom is organized by Russel Bryant from Digium. The program is available from Russel's blog :

  • Introduction to Asterisk Developement”, Russell Bryant
  • Digital PSTN Connectivity with Asterisk”, Jakub Klausa
  • Mobicents 2.0, The Open Source Java Communication Platform”, Jean Deruelle
  • Scaling location services in large SIP networks with Kamailio”, Henning Westerholt, Marius Zbihlei
  • Unifying SIP and Web worlds with Lua (Kamailio)”, Daniel-Constantin Mierla
  • XiVO IPBX OpenHardware”, Xavier Carcelle
  • Unified Communications - Future (Yate and YateClient)”, Diana Cionoiu
  • Asterisk SCF (Scalable Communications Framework)”, Kevin P. Fleming
  • Developing rich VoIP applications with SIPSIMPLE SDK”, Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
  • SIP Communicator: Building a Multi-Protocol Multi-OS Communications Client”, Emil Ivov

This talk will be the occassion to present the current status of our project (hardware and software files, organization of an OpenHardware project, protoyping, ...) and create a community of VoIP geeks that are eager to develop and hack their own IPBX solutions around our XiVO IPBX OpenHardware (interfaces, BSP, SIP-trunk, asterisk hacks...).