Participation to the OpenHardwareSummit

Posted on 4 October 2010 in Hardware by xcarcelle

in the New York City Museum of Science and representing the OHANDA trademark during the LAW panel. Thanks to Alicia and Ayah to have organized such an event that gives publicity to the OpenHardware movement out-there. I have surely pushed the usage of the world OpenHardware** (versus the OpenSource-Hardware term that seems to close to OpenSource software) for the future as the common term for the hardware projects opening their production and design files. The audience was 200 people and mainly north-american and that was a great pleasure to speak and recall the great previous OpenHardware projects launched in Europe since years now (OpenMoko, OpenPCD, Milkymist, OpenPattern...).

The summit was a one-day long session of presentations and panel discussions followed by an exchange about the OpenHardware definition. During the LAW panel discussion, I had the opportunity to present the OHANDA trademark and

Some discussions panels attracted my attention :

* PRODUCTIZING: Scaling/ Manufacturing/ Moving beyond DIY :

OHS2010 - Production

This talk was a great opportunity to have the feedbacks of a production facilities (Clint Cooley from Circuit Co) that supports OpenHardware projects in the US and see a great ramp-up of the projects requesting small, medium and large fab of the their PCBs. We can see that some manufacturers will play a great role in this field and some OpenHardware project will be able to mutualize some aspects of the production for bigger PCBs (more layers, 200-500-1000 components-BOM...).

* BUSINESS: Open hardware business models :

OHS2010 - Marketing

This talk gives the occasion to hear several business model of OpenHardware companies ("yes" there is a business model for OpenHardware projects up to several 100k units per product a year) w/ the participation of prototyping and products companies such as Chumby (represented by Bunny skype-ing from Singapore). Definitely the opening of the design and production files is giving business opportunities for partners (resellers, hardware-mods, software-hacks, global solutions) rather than opening the pandora box of copies for cheaper was the global conclusion of this panel discussion.

* LAW: Open hardware licenses and norms :

OHS LawPanel

This panel discussion was the occasion to have around the table several legal opinions (with lawyers, Peter Brown from the FSF, a hardware hacker) leading to the following topics :

* What is the interest of opening hardware ?
* How to protect a licence/trademark-ed OpenHardware project in case of legal violation from a files point of view ?
* What about the closed documentation of the chips used in an OpenHardware ?
* What about the firmware used in SoC -based OpenHardware projects ?

Perter Brown from FSF was applausing the 4 freedoms of the OHANDA trademark adapting the ones from the FSF licence.

Below I have collected some documentations and informations about the OHS2010 :

Pictures of the OHS 2010

Transcripts of the talks during the summit :

Transcripts of the talks

Audio MP3 archives :

Audio MP3 archives of the OHS

Audio MP3 archives of the LAW panel