Multicloning with Clonezilla - part 1

Posted on 29 June 2012 in Hardware by bligneul

"Default settings: 800x600", use English language, and select "don't touch keymap".

Then, « Start Clonezilla »
Select the first option « work with disks or partitions using images » and « local_dev : use local device »

Choose the right external hard disk drive in the list (size of HDD can help you).
Select « Beginner » mode (you can choose expert mode if want more options).
Select « 1-2-mdisks » to restore the XiVO iso file.

Use the image to restore and select drives that you want to clone.

To finish : y (for yes) and y (yes)

After waiting, (5-20min) it's finished : drives are cloned.
You can « Poweroff » your computer and use your new hdds with XiVO.