Moving forward to the production of the prototypes - FXO/FXS boards

Posted on 20 December 2010 in Hardware by xcarcelle

of our first protoboards** for our internal tests, we are pleased to give a first display of the PCB board file for the FXO/FXS interfaces on the IPBX that are routed from the XHFC-4SU controller :


When one designs a PCB, it's requires to create two files in order to reach the final board ready for production (we will give more posts about the production files needed for the electronic factories receiving them once we reach this level of the project) : the .SCH (Schematics file with all the electrical connexions between the components and the chips on-board) and the .BRD (Board file with the actual real-sized PCB and the components position with all the net connexions). This image displays the .BRD file designed for the FXO/FXS interfaces.