mini-debconf Paris 2010

Posted on 3 November 2010 in General by atarakt

We wanted to blog this post to report the first event of this kind organized by debian france (french debian association), The event was held at Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7, on October 30 and 31.

There was 3 rooms dedicated to the debconf, the first for the conferences, the second one for the workshop and the lastest for the bug squashing party (squeeze, the next debian stable, is frozen at the moment). It was the first time, that I could meet some DD in the real life, spoke with them about free software and some other stuffs. Very pleasant.

So I followed some conf during theses 2 days, some of them were very interesting, some other less, but I learned a lot of things about debian packaging tools in all of them (I am the only living member of the xivo packaging team, so I was here for that !).

You can find the schedule of the event on mini-debconf wiki

For myself, the most interesting talks/workshops were:

  • Workshop Packaging and patch management with git by Thomas Kock, not for the tool presented, but there was an interesting discussion after the call about git-buildpackage and others packaging tools.
  • Newest features of dpkg-dev by Raphael Hertzog.
  • Conquering the education by Louis-Maurice de Sousa.
  • Package Config::Model with GSoC by Domique Dumont, a tool to manage config files upgrade writting in perl.

So, it was a very pleasant moment, It was really a good opportunity to meet people who work/using debian. I recommend you get there next year =)