Indonesian and French meeting in Paris about XiVO

Posted on 16 March 2015 in XiVO Community by vdagrain
within Indonesia ?**
  • "KMP is an independent company located in Indonesia offering IT and Telecommunication based services and solutions.. We specialize in customized business solutions. KMP helps clients plan, build and support their IT and Telecomunication infrastructures. KMP combines expertise from IT and Telco networking, operating environments, and data storage protection technologies.- With our advanced skills in consulting, integration and managed services, we offer our customers a unique combination of solutions and business strength. We have experience in the following sectors: government, office buildings, telecom operators, factory and mining industries".

  • How did you learn about XiVO and open source telephony systems?

  • "We discovered XiVO when we visited an exhibition in Hong-Kong and Singapore. After gathering information about what products XiVO offered, we held discussions back in Indonesia that helped analyze the strengths and weaknesses of XiVO and the future of open source technologies. After contacting their management, we finally got a chance to work with XiVO. Today XiVO has a good user base in Indonesia. We have installed XiVO in our biggest telecomunication company, in government mining offices, in government banking offices and other kinds of office buildings.

  • It was a great experience for us to visit the IT exhibition in Paris, we met with XiVO personnel. Some XiVO partners over there showed us some interesting features such as an integration between XiVO and Bluemind. Juned, Wolter and I are tasked with selling XiVO solutions and making sure the usage of XiVO grows within Indonesia year by year. Wolter and I have are responsible for sales and marketing. Juned is more concerned with technical support".

IndonesianInParis-XiVO-March2015-RS.jpgPicture: meeting in Paris - 02.2015

  • How did you become interested in telephony solutions and XiVO?

  • "XiVO is an Open Source product with a very good support. They have an R&D team used to further develop features and meet customer requirements. They also have success stories in Europe with many customers and a good user base.- XiVO provides an up-to-date system by releasing new versions which helps develop more and more features. This is good for meeting customer requirements and keeping client satisfaction".

  • According to you, what trends will we see during 2015 in the world of Unified Communication and Open Source?

  • "The need for unified communications will increase year by year because it will always be necessary to fulfilling other professional needs. BYOD (Bring your own device) will become a trend among professionals and U.C can fill this trend.- Open Source technologies is one of the best alternatives available to fullfill needs in U.C thanks to its flexibility and growing feature set available at a lower cost.- We usually visit the asian communication exhibition in Singapore every year (usually during June or July) and the Indonesia call ICT exhibition. It occurs every 2 years and the next will be held in Jakarta during 2016.

  • Currently, we are very interested by the possibilities around instant messaging and web collaboration that can be delivered using open source solutions, especially with a XiVO server".

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