IEEE MAC OUI Bloc registration for the XiVO IPBX OpenHardware - [08-D2-9A]

Posted on 8 September 2010 in Hardware by xcarcelle

the process of design of our XiVO IPBX OpenHarware. Most of us work since several years in the telecommunication field and have been using extensively MAC Ethernet addresses on numerous networks appliances at the Layer 2.

Since a network appliance has one/several Ethernet interfaces based on a MAC (IEEE 802.3 controller) and PHY (Signaling and physical interface to the Ethernet connector) interfaces, the unique OUI MAC addresses are stored in a non-volatile memory in the Ethernet chip or in a companion memory on-board. These unique IEEE OUI MAC addresses are usually transparent for the hardware designer as they are registered by the MAC/PHY chip manufacturers to IEEE registration office.

In our case, we will have a SoC integrating the IEEE 802.3 MAC controller and storing the 3 Ethernet MAC addresses in a flash memory. Therefore we have been registrating our own IEEE MAC OUI bloc to be used in our different network hardware projects. This IEEE OUI bloc will then be available publicly with the update of Ethernet sniffer/dissectors after August 31st 2010.

This bloc will be 08-D2-9A and the XiVO IPBX OpenHardware will appear as 08-D2-9A-XX-XX-XX on the Ethernet networks.

A search on Proformatique on the IEEE OUI and Company_id search interface help to retrieve the associated informations.