How is the XiVO-SCCP development going ?

Posted on 1 May 2012 in Software by nbouliane

into the web interface.It means that now, people installing a XiVO server can natively use the SCCP technologywhen creating new lines, without the need to manually install the sccp channel driver andediting the configuration file. As the sccp library evolve, the options available throughthe web interface will also be expanded.

Lately we've been working on the multi-instance per line, which will be released with XiVO 1.2.7 this week.Basically the multi-instance per line is the ability to receive or make many calls at the same time.While only one call can be active at a time, it is possible to keep the other call alive but on hold.You can then toggle between the calls to pickup any of them. Which will put the current active call on hold,and will set the selected call as active.


We still have a long list of features we want to write and make available directly through XiVO.Even though we are still in early development, I encourage everyone that have CISCO phones to installand try the SCCP library. Either via XiVO or by manually installing the sccp channel driver.

For those having CISCO phones that use the SCCP technology, we've put online a tutorial to help you get this done:

At the bottom of the tutorial, you will also find the list of feature and telephone type that we actually support.We hope to extend this list as time goes, but we need your help !

At this point of development, we need more people that use the SCCP library. As the number of people using itwill increase, the number of bugs reported will increase and hence the number of fix and enhancement. At the end, everbody win.