Hello XiVO, Add Your Web Page to XiVO Web Interface

Posted on 29 October 2012 in Software by jylebleu * Tagged with development i18n web-interface

XiVO can be managed using a web interface. This interface is developed in PHP language using a XiVO specific framework.

The idea of this post is to begin to demystify XiVO web interface development.

Setting The Development Environment

First of all, we are going to set up of development environment. The best is to enable nfs mount on your development workstation and to mount the web interface development directory onto your XiVO virtual machine.If your development projects is located in /projects/xivo-skaro, the mount command can be :

mount -t nfs devipaddress:/projects/xivo-skaro/web-interface/src /usr/share/pf-xivo-web-interface

Now each time you will modify a file within the web-interface directory, you can check your update by refreshing your browser.

XiVO Hello World Page

So let's start by writing a simple web page to display "Hello XiVO world", doesn't remind you something ?

XiVO Actions, Applications and Objects.

webi_src.pngXiVO web interface is mainly composed of three types of elements :

  • actions, this is kind of controller, and will route the action to be done (list, create, edit) to the proper application
  • applications, to be considered as the business layer, contains the algorithm to be applied
  • objects, mainly where the persistence takes place.

There are many other components, but let's start first be this simple view.

So if we need to display something, we have to follow these necessary steps :

  • Write a simple PHP page as an action
  • Add this action in the authorized control list
  • Add it to the proper menu
  • Link the menu generated URL to the proper URL
  • Add necessary translations to XiVO translation files

Writing The Page

Let's start with a simple page that we want to be displayed in the menu "services -> IPBX -> Call management", edit a file xivo-skaro/web-interface/src/action/www/service/ipbx/asterisk/call_management/hellowivo.php

	echo "Hello XiVO world !";

XiVO Authorization Framework

You cannot still browse this new page because this page is not declared within XiVO authorization framework. The list of available pages is located in the file xivo-skaro/web-interface/src/object/objectconf/acl/user.inc.Edit this file and add this new action.

$array['tree']['service']['ipbx']['call_management']['pickup'] = true;
$array['tree']['service']['ipbx']['call_management']['schedule'] = true;
$array['tree']['service']['ipbx']['call_management']['cel'] = true;
$array['tree']['service']['ipbx']['call_management']['helloxivo'] = true;

Now you can browse the page https://<your xivo host>/service/ipbx/index.php/call_management/helloxivo.

Create a XiVO user (menu Configuration-> Management -> Users) and check the authorizations for this user (click on the small key icon next to the user) and you will see that a new item appears under call management.webi_acl.png


You can also note that an error message 'missing translation' is displayed. This is a special marker to be sure that nobody forget to write the translation strings. These translations are located in directory src/i18n were a directory per language can be find.

Edit the file en_US/conf/acl.i18n and add the translation service-ipbx-call_management-helloxivo and to not forget to add the french translation, as in XiVO we always complete the french and english translation.

Now we can display the new page, and can authorize a user to use this new page, still to do is to be able to use this new page using XiVO menu.

XiVO Menu Entries

Edit xivo-skaro/web-interface/src/tpl/www/bloc/menu/left/service/ipbx/asterisk.php, add the menu entry :

		if(xivo_user::chk_acl('call_management','cel') === true):
			echo	'<dd id="mn-call_management--cel">',
		if(xivo_user::chk_acl('call_management','helloxivo') === true):
			echo	'<dd id="mn-call_management--helloxivo">',
		echo	'</dl>';


Fix the translation by adding in xivo-skaro/web-interface/src/i18n/en_US/tpl/www/bloc/menu/left/service/ipbx/asterisk.i18n the translation to mn_left_callmanagement-helloxivo

The menu is now correctly displayed, but you still cannot click on it to display your new page. We must now register the menu URL within the XiVO framework.

XiVO URL Routing

Edit xivo-skaro/web-interface/src/object/objectconf/url.inc and add the URL translation

$array['service/ipbx/call_management/schedule'] = 'service/ipbx/index.php/call_management/schedule/';
$array['service/ipbx/call_management/voicemenu'] = 'service/ipbx/index.php/call_management/voicemenu/';
$array['service/ipbx/call_management/cel'] = 'service/ipbx/index.php/call_management/cel/';
$array['service/ipbx/call_management/helloxivo'] = 'service/ipbx/index.php/call_management/helloxivo/';


Now you may click on the new menu entry and display the Hello XiVO world page

webi_hello_menu.pngAs you may notice this page is not displayed using XiVO look and feel, but that's another story.