Glimpse of CTI architecture in XiVO 1.1 and 1.2

Posted on 13 May 2011 in XiVO IPBX by corentin


The XiVO 1.2 part will be more like :


namely :

  • the queue-logger daemon does not exist any more, and the CTI server fills the queue-logger database itself
  • the services/features of user lines will be accessed through regular XiVO web services instead of direct SQL access

This is of course only a very global view.

At the underneath level,

  • the AMI commands have changed, since the asterisk version will be 1.8 (instead of 1.4)
  • the CTI protocol between the server and its clients has evolved, especially in order to be able to get smaller payload packet sizes.

More details should come in a future blog entry.