Giving more tools, hints and URLs to the community

Posted on 4 August 2010 in Hardware by xcarcelle

community more hints about prototyping hardware, understanding (also reversing) existing hardware, hacking (in the sense of modifying and adding more unexpected features) equipments, reusing "old" hardware and sharing production and lab facilities. The last years had seen a number of blogs and URLs in this field such as:

  • Name that ware: The famous blog from BunnyStudios that post regularly a pictures of a PCB where you should discover the name of the original electronic products behind. Bunny is also the hardware developper behind the Chumby.
  • AdaFruit: A blog/portal dedicated to making some hardware devices (usually micro-controllers) and a load of tutorials
  • Sump from Michael Poppitz who developed the hardware for the famous OpenBench LogicSniffer based on a FPGA that allows a very flexible LogicAnalyzer w/ up to 32channels (16 on a H10-2.54mm header and 16 on-pcb) and 200MHz frequence sampling
  • DangerousPrototypes: A portal that proposes a new OpenHardware project everymonth and distributes numerous prototyping hardware and tools including some hints to make your own laser-cut case for your OpenBench logic analyzer or PirateBus analyzer.
  • Hackmii: A hardware hacking blog dedicated mostly to the Wii hacking but with a lots of tutorials and hardware exploits and a link with forum that somehow more difficult to find.