Extending this blog to all the XiVO projects

Posted on 12 August 2010 in General by xcarcelle

OpenHardware project.

We have noticied than the number of followers had been growing since the first posts and we like the interest that you have been showing to the OpenHardware projects. Therefore we have decided to extend this blog to the XiVO project in general and to update you on a regular basis on the XiVO Software solution also and to merge the informations on both the hardware and the software on one unique blog (sorted by category to respect the followers and their wishes of topic), Thus you will be able to follow the hardware project as well as the software project and the VoIP in general.

XiVO is not only a web front-end for Asterisk but a full distribution on-top of an appliance with open specifications as much as we can. In this spirit, we keep on in this direction and hope to push more Open telecommunications projects out-there.