Caluire Town Hall Installation

Posted on 7 June 2011 in Services by jylebleu

I had the chance to participate to Caluire town hall installation a couple of weeks ago, where we deployed almost 150 phone sets in the building.

Two corporate XIVO servers were inserted between the legacy PBX (Matra) and the PSTN network, we spent a lot of time to try to figure out how many channels were available as nobody did know it and the information was lost ! ;). Once the proper dahdi configuration was found everything started to work well and we began to replace little by little all the phone sets.

Highlights :

  • 150 phone sets
  • DECT
  • Mobile gateways to optimize mobile calls cost
  • Polycom sound stations for audio conferences
  • Fax gateway, mono and multi ports

As new phone sets were setup beside the old phone sets and old numbers were forwarded to the new installed ones, users were able to gradually become used to the new way of calling.

Thanks to Fred for this funny photo from the “installation war room”