Cabling the FXO-FXS prototype board

Posted on 11 January 2011 in XiVO IPBX by xcarcelle

2](/images/blog/.P1040816_m.jpg "Cabling FXv5 prototype PCB 2, janv. 2011")Cabling
FXv5 prototype PCB

As we are developing an OpenHardware projects/products, it's important to give some feedbacks of our prototyping process.We are now cabling our first FXO-FXS prototype boards and moving to test without our own board connected to our SoC to validate our design on our prototype motherboard. These pictures illustrates our soldering process with the 1:1 size PCB layout printed-out.

While one is soldering components (mainly some TQFP package chips and CMS) on the *blank* PCB, it's important to have the right tools to put the components at the right position, solder them (potentially using some flux to fix the pins of a chip before soldering a whole line of pins) and verifying the connexion with a loop. Let me give some references of tools we are using :

  • A set of high-precision tweezers (farnell#3972963) to pick and place the components
  • A 10x maginifier (farnell#4681680) to verify the quality of the soldering
  • A flux cleaner (farnell#3916613)
  • A 15ml flux dispenser pen (farnell#876732)