Astricon 2011

Posted on 8 November 2011 in General by nbouliane

Avencall was present at the world famous Asterisk conference: Astricon2011. This year the conferencewas held in Denver, Colorado from October 24th to 27th.

Throughout the week we've met people from many different background: software developers, enterprise IT,system integrators, decision makers and much more. During AstriDevCon, a special day for developers only,we discussed with Asterisk main developers about technical aspect of the software and what next is coming into Asterisk.


The second day was marked by fellow developers delivering presentations about the internal mechanic of thecore and subsystems of asterisk. We also attended talks about the much-awaited AsteriskSCF (Scalable Communication Framework) which is quite promising for building high-end telecommunication services.

On the third day, we had the pleasure to present the XiVO IPBX OpenHardware project and Avencall in general. The presentation generated a lot of positive feedbacks and people came to us to deepen the discussion about the technical side and also the business model surrounding the XiVO open platform. All this curiosity and eager was just another proof that we are going in the right direction.


All in all, it was much fun to meet other enthusiasts from many different horizon gathering around a powerful technology: Asterisk, and to share our passion about technology.

We are already looking forward the next Astricon !


Nicolas Bouliane, Xavier Carcelle