A BarCamp about VoIP, with Mumble

Posted on 16 February 2015 in XiVO Community by vdagrain

A new BarCamp about VoIP:What Write directly your questions or topics on the wiki website or contact us.When: 17th june 2015, 16:00 to 18:00 (France) and 10:00 to 12:00 (Quebec)How: Tutorial in French, in english , in spanishContact (to try mumble before, for exemple): on IRC server freenode #xivo (french and english channel) or join Valérie here vdagrain***@***avencall.com

Last meeting:

SESSION #1 : 15 april 2015 - the website is here. The summary about the topics and meeting are here.SESSION #2 : 29 april 2015 - the website is here. The report is here. Session with more LUG!!

Next activities:

SESSION #3 : 17 june 2015 - the website is here. The report soon here. Coordination on IRC channel #xivoSESSION #4: .. october 2015 - the website and report soon here. Session will be organised from an hacking camp and with students in telecommunication/software engineering!!

The kind of questions and topicsNews about webRTC ; What's the XiVO business model (how does it ranks compared to a conventional PABX?) ; The use of VoIP in the podcasting / radio broadcast ; How to manage payments and voip ? Pay per minute , paypal, bitcoins , etc. ; What's the news about Voice Recognition? ; What about a good VoIP instead of H323 and Skype? ; Which solutions to speak with lot of people, as in Mumble? ; What about Atlassian, like Jira, Confluence and HipChat? and BlueJimp (Jitsi) Your advices about a cartoon with XiVO 1,2,3... go!Reading the report (FR) about the 2nd BarCampIRC about VoIP and open source telephony system.