2nd BarCamp about VoIP and open source telephony system

Posted on 20 April 2015 in XiVO Community by vdagrain

about XiVO contributors](/index.php?post/2015/04/07/Les-contributeurs-de-la-communaut%C3%A9-XiVO) (in french) and a meeting with the 1st BarCampIRC about VoIP open source on the BarCamp wiki website, here. During this meetings, some contributors send their opinions about "Why they chose XiVO".


The news: a 2nd BarCampIRC about VoIP and open source telephony system with some Linux User Group.An other event will welcome ideas from students in Télécommunication schools, in automn.

The questions and topicsNews about webRTC ; What's the XiVO business model (how does it ranks compared to a conventional PABX?) ; The use of VoIP in the podcasting / radio broadcast ; How to manage payments and voip ? Pay per minute , paypal, bitcoins , etc. ; What's the news about Voice Recognition? ; What about a good VoIP instead of H323 and Skype? ; Which solutions to speak with lot of people, as in Mumble? ; What about Atlassian, like Jira, Confluence and HipChat? and BlueJimp (Jitsi) Your advices about a cartoon with XiVO 1,2,3... go!

Reading the report about the 2nd BarCampIRC about VoIP and open source telephony system.