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Posted on 13 April 2012 in Software by jylebleu


The main objective was to be able to deliver very quickly new XiVO versions.Our sprints are two weeks long, and at the end of a sprint we deliver a new release of XiVO that you can use by using the new xivo-upgrade tool.Every two weeks on Monday we start with the planning meeting, where we define what will be done during the sprint. Each bug or task is written on a post it and put on our white board.

Every day, at 09h00 we do our daily Scrum, small stand up meeting where all the team members answer the three scum traditional questions:

  • What did I do since yesterday?
  • What am I planning to do today?
  • Anything blocks me ?

Optionally at the end of the stand up meeting, we can start a small technical session about software architecture, code review and now that we moved to a bigger office, we can draw on the walls and do design review.

At the middle of the second week, on Wednesday we stop our development, finish our commits, and build the release. At this time starts the functional testing period. Today we run more than 350 functional tests which are described in our test manager testlink. These tests are partly automated, and one of our goal is to be able to automate more and more tests. Furthermore, every day some of our functional tests are run automatically using our continuous integration server in addition to the unit tests covering part of XiVO software.Once the tests are ok, the delivery check list helps us to not forget anything to be sure you will be able to xivo-upgrade your installation without any pain.

Last but not least, we do our sprint retrospective to be able to find ways to improve our process. At the end, it's time for beer !

Today the main point is to be able to improve XiVO strength, and to correct and deliver very quickly any problems you may have. New features will come the second part of 2012 once this objective will be achieved.

It is very encouraging to see that in 2009 it took us on average 315 days to close an issue, in 2010, 295 days, in 2011, 127 days, and this year it takes only 28 days in average to close an open issue. This is not finish we still have a long road, but thanks to the great team working on XiVO, things improve every day.

So stay tune, every two weeks you will get a new flavor of XiVO, more and more reliable and with hopefully more and more features.

If you'd like to participate in this adventure do not hesitate to contact us,we are looking for passionate people.